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Record Sealing

Juvenile Record Sealing

The State of Texas allows the sealing of the vast majority of juvenile criminal records. Hire a lawyer to file a motion to seal your juvenile records.

Having these records sealed by a lawyer ensures your or your child's juvenile record doesn't show up on criminal background checks. Colleges, potential employers, and the military all do criminal background checks on applicants.

Unlike adult non-disclosure (record sealing) cases, a juvenile isn't required to be sentenced to adjudication probation. Even if a juvenile is convicted of a crime, a juvenile's criminal record can be sealed as long as he or she:

  1. Didn't receive a determinate sentence (i.e., time in a juvenile penitentiary prior to transferring to an adult penitentiary).
  2. Isn't currently registered as a sex offender.
  3. Wasn't tried as an adult.

Juveniles have their entire lives to look forward to, so don't let one mistake as a teenager ruin your or your child's entire future. Contact David Breston at 713-224-4040 to have him file a motion today to seal your juvenile's records.





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